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Learning and technology link to people and performance!

Creative Learning Links is a network of adult learning professionals. People who are looking for presenters, public speakers, and trainers will find our highly skilled experts provide a variety of services to teach and train at all levels of experience. We cover marketing, sales, customer service, communications, technology, social media, leadership, motivation, team building, creativity, productivity, inspiration, stress management, behavior modification, safety, healthy living, and much more.

Our national group of presenters and trainers deliver customized programs from A to Z for executive retreats, management meetings, sales training, human resources and corporate training events, conferences, conventions, and other learning events.

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Presenters and trainers most often work privately for conferences and meeting planners or for corporate learning projects. Occasionally, we have the privilege to promote an event that is offered to the public. There are also book signings and special events that will be listed for convenience of our topic experts, so that our followers can personally preview those that work within the Creative Learning Links network.


We work in all four areas of professional development: Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Evaluations. We not only provide you with links to the best adult learning experts, we work with our clients through all phases of planning.

Learning and technology link to people and performance!

Whether it is training, coaching, mentoring, education, tutorial, or dissemination of information, Creative Learning Links’ mission is to create effective learning opportunities. Our Michigan based, local network has grown into a national group of presenters and trainers.

Carol Grainger

With Carol’s extensive work experience in meeting management, web, video, telephone conference services and professional development, she can provide a variety of services to those who have to deliver learning to remote locations.
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Carol and I have worked together at two companies. Carol brought exceptional professionalism, organization, and training abilities to both organizations, and mentored me in those same areas. I would work with her again any time!

—Tracey Partridge-Weitschat
Technical Associate, Michigan Public Health Institute (Colleague)

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Contains a full cataloged list of our speakers and trainers. (.pdf file)

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