Changing how you see, to find new opportunities and solutions

Part one of our Master Work Series
In this workshop, sculptor Joshua Diedrich takes you through several exercises designed to instantly re-­‐wire your thinking and help you see the world in a new way. Whether you believe you have talent or creaIvity, whether you have any interest in art or not, learning to see the world like an arIst opens up a door to new possibiliIes for personal interacIons, creaIvity, entrepreneurship, self-­‐ awareness, and percepIon. You engage in conversaIons to change basic percepIons of your world, as you learn and pracIce the skills of a master arIst. This workshop is designed to help you give clarity that makes    it easy for you to recognize subtleIes in people and situaIons that you may have missed in the past. This expansion of percepIon is your key to innovaIon, creaIvity, and potenIal breakthroughs in your work and in your life.

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Carol and I have worked together at two companies. Carol brought exceptional professionalism, organization, and training abilities to both organizations, and mentored me in those same areas. I would work with her again any time!

—Tracey Partridge-Weitschat
Technical Associate, Michigan Public Health Institute (Colleague)

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