By Joyce Weiss

Why do some teams excel while others with a similar group makeup struggle to be mediocre? Often, it has to do with the support structure the company has in place. Teams that don’t know what is expected of them, that don’t have the proper skills training, that lack relationship skills, and that have power issues typically don’t do well. However, teams that are empowered and supported can thrive in any circumstances.
If you want your team to be successful and to reach goals, make sure every team member knows the following:

  1. “Tell us what you expect from us.”
    If your team doesn’t know the expectations, how can they perform? Every team member needs to know what he or she is responsible for. Be specific and make the expectations measurable whenever possible. Simply saying, “We expect you to deliver great customer service,” is not specific. You need to state is as, “Answer all customer inquiries within three hours,” or “Resolve customer complaints on the first call.” Specific expectations yield results.
  2. “Give us an opportunity to perform.”
    Too many leaders and managers stand in their team’s way. Either they’re always making last minute changes to the plan, or they’re micromanaging the project to the point of team paralysis. In order for your team to excel, tell them what you want done, and then get out of their way and let them do it.
  3. “Let us know how we’re doing.”
    People need continuous feedback. They want to know where they stand and whether they’re doing things as expected. So rather than wait for an end of year review, do mini-reviews quarterly or even monthly. The more feedback you can give people, the more excited they’ll be about working for you.
  4. “Give us guidance where we need it.”
    Even though you shouldn’t micromanage people, you should watch what’s going on and step in with guidance and direction when needed. Letting people struggle for a little bit to challenge them is fine. But when your team feels utterly frustrated because they’re stuck and see no way out, that’s when you need to step in and help. When the team knows that the leader cares, they’ll be more willing to go the extra mile.
  5. “Recognize us for our contributions.”
    Recognition and rewards are much better performance motivators than money. When you see your team, or someone on the team, doing something right, publicly recognize their efforts and contributions. This doesn’t mean you have to give them an actual award; it simply means that you let them know you appreciate their efforts and have noticed all their hard work. When people feel recognized they feel valued, which motivates them to work even harder.

Make Your Team a Winner
The more often you tell your team these five things, the more results they’ll achieve. So use these points to create your winning team. With a little support and direction, any team can be amazing!

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Joyce Weiss, author of Communicate with Impact, Full Speed Ahead and Take the Ride of Your Life, is a nationally recognized Communication Strategist and facilitator.  She is one of 240 women in the world who has received the certified speaking professional designation.  Joyce helps her clients turn their toxic environment around and helps them feel comfortable during tough conversations. The result: Build accountability, employee engagement, and rock star performance!

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