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Sheevaun Moran – Founder and CEO of Energetic Solutions™. has coached leaders, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to be clearer, create simplicity and gain alignment in business, the message, life, health and to achieve abundant successes. Sheevaun has the energy and charisma to work one to one, speak in intimate settings as well as very large audiences. As an advocate for small business and success some call her intuitive, teacher, healer, coach, friend, and others just say she has inspired and helped them have more joy, health, and abundance than they ever thought possible. You'll love the energy, passion, her diverse interests from business to consciousness and blending the two!

Inspirational Speaker
Profound and positively impactful, engaging, creating awareness and change with every word and technique. Engaging, powerful and charming is some of what people say when Sheevaun has been a speaker. She shares so much in one setting it's like a whole workshop.

Transformational Products
Light Up Your Profits - Harmony versus Chaos for one to one and executive groups, Live events -- I Am Success Now Business Series Teleseminars for transformation of energy, business and relationships  Stress Reduction and Learn to Meditate CDs,  Energetic Intelligence for stress, anxiety, health issues, emanate from the products Sheevaun created. Her products work with the subtle and tangible. She guarantees her products and effectiveness.

Seminars and Workshops
Sheevaun has developed a system that has helped over 10,000 people reclaim their health, business, relationship, spirituality and wealth. This system is repeatable and achieves results every time. The products and protocols are based on subtle sciences and practical business applications. She hosts large group workshops (I Am Success Now) twice a year, trains corporate clients and leads a popular mastermind called Innovators Circle. You can find Sheevaun speaking and training on stages with people such as Joan Rivers, David Neagle, Loral Langemeier, Ted McGrath and many others.

Light Up Your Profits - Harmony versus Chaos Learn to Meditate in 2 Minutes - For the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient  7 Energies That Zap Your Life and How to Eliminate Them  Manifesting Through the Metaphor of NON- shopping - Shotgun Shopping  12 Energetic Solutions for Personal Power

Holistic and Natural Health, Wealth and Conscious Business Coaching
For over 15 years Sheevaun has helped thousands have the life of their dreams, helping them to overcome issues that are seemingly unsolvable in business and personal situations. Sheevaun is all heart and compassion and helps identify the issue/s fast, really fast. Her ability to get to the heart  of the matter can sometimes be uncomfortable but the client always leaves much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

On-Air Radio Show Host and Frequent Guest
Since 2008 Sheevaun has been producing and hosting the radio show Master Your Energy Master Your Life. Features have included; Mariel Hemingway, Guy Kawasaki, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Bernie Segal, Dr. Gary Schwartz, Joey Kramer of Aerosmith, Ariel Ford, Rory Freedman-Skinny bitch, and many others.
**Sheevaun has been featured on over 150 radio and television programs. She is a frequent guest on CBS and in print media.

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