Amina Hedayat Khalil

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International Keynote Speaker, Certified Professional Coach/Trainer, and Published Author

Amina has more than 30 years of experience working with women and men from different cultures to overcome differences and harmonize home and work environments.

Amina’s work as a Professional Coach helps others to become more empowered to achieve their goals, with amazing results demonstrated in their lives and work. She provides her students with tools that can be used to uncover what is blocking them from reaching their potential and helps them to identify filters they have built, in years of experiences. Blocks and filters are often what are causing problems, discriminations, and setbacks that stand in the way of a person’s success.

Amina’s strategies and tools have helped many clients gain skills to help them prevent failure and their tendency to fall back into default patterns that didn’t serve them well.


  • 7 Levels of Inner Leadership
  • Relationship Revolution at the Workplace
  • Effective Communication: What works!
  • Inner Dialogue at Work and How It Can Lead to Peak Performance
  • Cross-Culture Dynamics and How to Harness Success and Harmony at the Personal and Team Level
  • CORE Wellbeing Dynamics
  • Tools for Managers: Tapping Into your team’s E-factor to produce results
  • Strategies for Leading Successful People

FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Based on interviews and surveys, a highly-customized program is created, relevant to the above information, to address the particular needs of your organization or event.

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