Judi Brown Clarke

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Topics specialties include (and are not limited to):
Strategic Planning, Change Management, Leadership, Social Competency, Diversity, Team Building, Motivation, Workplace Retention.

  • Training and Presenting
  • Building Relationships
  • Cultural Competency
  • Communication
  • Leaderhsip
  • Team Building

In today’s global economy, companies and organizations that succeed in sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace environment will have significant advantages over their competitors.

Diversity Director
Beacon Center for the Study of Evolution in Action at MSU

Judi Brown (Clarke) is the Diversity Director for the National Science Foundation’s Bio
-Computational Evolution in Action Consortium (BEACON) Center at Michigan State University (MSU). Her fifteen years of experience include providing leadership in the areas of organizational design, change-readiness, leadership alignment, communications, training, talent development, multiculturalism and inclusion. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Audiology & Speech Science, a Masters’ degree in Education, and a doctorate degree in Public Policy and Administration.

Judi is an experienced and successful athlete. In the 400-Meter Hurdles event, she is a five-time National Champion, three-time Pan American Champion, and silver medalist in the 1984 Olympic Games. She has held numerous national records, and still owns an unbroken world record as a member of the distance medley relay team. She is a member of the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, and was named "Sportswoman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated magazine in 1987. Judi has been honored to carry the Olympic torch on its tour across America. She is President of the U.S. Olympians
& Paralympians, Michigan Chapter; member of the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Diversity Workgroup; and member of U.S. Olympic Committee’s Paralympian Engagement Taskforce.

How do these two world intersect? The beauty of track competition is that it is a low-cost sport. Most countries, regardless of socio-economics, are able to field a team and/or host a track meet. There is little to no cost for facilities (just run from Point A to Point B) and there is little to no cost for equipment (you can run barefoot). This status made track a universal sport and afforded her the luxury to travel all around the world, meeting and interacting with different people, and immersing in many wonderful cultures. This led to a sincere appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism, and fed into a purpose-led passion for educating others on tolerance, understanding, and inclusion.

Judi specializes in helping groups facilitate personal growth and systematic changes in infrastructure by building an inclusive environment that is strengthened and empowered by its diversity. Through the development of strategic initiatives, partnerships, and programs, groups are more productive and are in the creative forefront of initiatives that address critical and emerging issues.

In today’s global economy, companies and organizations create optimum environments through inclusive communities of practice. Like an Olympic athlete or elite coach, to have a significant advantage over your competitors one must implement a well-designed strategy. Being a member of a high-performing team or organization gives rise to a competitive advantage towards sustained success.

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