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Communication Expert, Trainer and Success Coach

As the founder of personal and professional growth training firm, Suttle Enterprises, Marilyn inspires her clients to the highest levels of personal and professional development. Using humor and touching stories, Marilyn creates long-lasting results for her clients, anchoring her material with highly interactive and educational group activities.

As the coauthor of the bestselling business book, "Who's Your Gladys? How to Turn Even the Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan" and the award-winning "Who's Your Gladys?" customer service blog, Marilyn's business trainings focus on creating connected positive relationships with even the most challenging people, with an emphasis on emotion management and leadership.

Marilyn has extensive experience with social media and online conversation management as a community manager for Kimberly Clark. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Ford Motor, Pfizer and Visteon, Associations such as the Association for Child Abuse Prevention and the Association of Administrative Professionals, and educational institutions such as the University of Michigan, and Clemson University. She has also provided custom training to small to mid-sized companies in the advertising, financial and health care industries.

She is regularly sourced as an expert in major media outlets, including Ladies Home Journal, the LA Times, and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few. She has appeared on numerous radio shows across the country, sharing emotion management strategies for creating strong client and team relationships.

Marilyn is the past President of the National Speakers Association, Michigan chapter, and received "Member of the Year" recognition for her contributions. She has a bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan.

She has worked on the assisting staff for Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success training programs since 2004, and has trained from the main stage at his Train the Trainer programs. She lives in Novi, Michigan.



Customer Service is the New Sales: Grow Your Profits with Service Excellence

Develop a game plan to succeed no matter what challenges the economy may bring. Gain proven ways to keep customers coming back, turning critics into your most vocal advocates – even when things go wrong.

Got a Gladys? How to Turn Tough Customers into Vocal Advocates

How you feel affects what you do. Learn to manage unhappy customers with finesse and see any challenge as a game you can win. Customers who express emotion, even negative emotions, are more invested in your company. Turn around tense situations and create breakthrough results with even the most cantankerous customers.

The Choice to Excel: Culture-Changing Customer Service Excellence Practices

Come to this workshop and you’ll never see your company culture the same way again. Based on over a year of interviews with the CEO’s and managers of highly successful companies, Marilyn Suttle’s timely and relevant interactive session offers proven ways to cultivate a customer service culture that generates loyal customers and long- term referrals. Passion and drive leads executives to develop their expertise, but the need for high competency in creating lasting customer connections is critical for longevity. Gain “works-in-real-life” strategies for bringing out the best in even the most challenging customer service situations.

Getting Personal in an Impersonal World: Connecting with Customers via Telephone and Email

It takes a special set of skills to create strong connections and improve customer loyalty via telephone and email. This training will cover the mechanics of good telephone and e-mail response skills. It also covers how to handle difficult conversations and challenging client communication. Marilyn provides techniques on defusing upset clients and working towards positive outcomes.

Success Mastery Series

Marilyn Suttle has studied the principles of success for well over 10 years. She inspires her audiences to get clear about what they want, and how to get it. With an emphasis on putting accountability into action, she sheds light on how to turn desires into achievements. In addition to her own body of work, Marilyn completed an intense year- long “Breakthrough to Success” Train the Trainer program personally taught by America’s #1 Success coach, Jack Canfield.

Turning Goal Setting into Goal Getting

In this half-day training, learn to design, refine and put into action your professional goals so they align with your strengths, interests, and desires. In this half-day training, you will learn to:

  • Identify where you are with your goals and determine where you want to be
  • Apply a written system for translating vague goals into measurable and achievable ones
  • Break large goals down into small manageable and actionable steps
  • Identify and eliminate habits of behavior that block your progress
  • Utilize specific resources to accomplish your goals

You will benefit by:

  • Planning ahead to sidestep roadblocks and personal barriers
  • Leaving the workshop with focused goals and an action plan
  • Increasing your motivation by experiencing your goals as if they already happened.
  • Discover the skills you need to climb the ladder of success in your professional career

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